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Last updated: October 29, 2000

Firestorm Hosting Service

If you wish, sanbachs.NET can host your DataPerfect database on our web server. The fee for this service is $25 per month plus $1.25 per 100 megabytes per month, based on the size of your database files, CGI scripts, and access log files.

Free sample ($145+ value*). Send us your structure file together with sample data such that the size of the .TXX, .IND, and panel data files combined is less than one hundred megabytes. We will host this database free of charge for one month, so that you can see how your database might work on the Internet.

We will provide you with four initial CGI scripts per panel of your database. These scripts will give you elementary browse, edit, create, and lookup pages for each panel. At your request, and at no charge, we will provide you with the source code to these scripts and you can modify them as you wish to create your own custom web application based on your DataPerfect database.

This offer does not obligate you to continue hosting on sanbachs.NET after the conclusion of your free month. The source code of the initial CGI scripts will become your property.

For more information, please contact us.

*$145 value is based on engineering time at $120 per hour and one month's free hosting.

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